Open Source Cloud Training

Cleura Cloud Academy is a unique cloud training platform that combines tailor-made courseware and sophisticated labs to offer unparalleled open source cloud training.
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You can learn Cloud technology

Our cloud training courses and tutorials are aimed at people with an intermediate to advanced background in systems operations, design, or development. It doesn't matter if you want to learn how to spin up a Kubernetes cluster, run Ansible in a cloud environment, or deploy a full-blown Ceph cluster, you can learn to do it all.

Self-paced cloud training

Improve your skills at your own pace. Learn OpenStack, understand container orchestration, and discover Infrastructure as Code. Try any of our cloud computing courses and find out what makes Cleura Cloud Academy unique in the open source cloud training space.

Cloud computing courses that stands apart

Sophisticated cloud labs

Hands-on learning is essential to acquiring a solid skill set. By making a cloud lab environment available right in your browser, with no preparation required on your part, you can deep-dive into an optimal cloud computing learning experience.

Feedback-Driven Cloud Learning

After completing the lab instructions, one click verifies if your cloud lab environment is in the desired state, providing immediate feedback on your work. After correcting potential errors you can proceed to the next step.

Build and break to learn cloud

Learning cloud technology with Cleura Cloud Academy gives you the opportunity to break things without consequences. If you get stuck, mess up or simply want to start over, a completely fresh and pristine cloud lab environment is just one click away.



Cleura Cloud Academy is built on the Open edX learning framework. It consists of a number of services all working together in a Kubernetes container orchestration cluster running on the Cleura Cloud OpenStack infrastructure. All constituent components of our cloud training platform are open source software. Cleura Cloud Academy courses cover much of that very same technology.
With very few exceptions, all our cloud training course material will be delivered on demand to your device. All you will ever need is your favourite web browser.

All our cloud training courses alternate solid background information with direct hands-on work in live cloud lab environments that run in Cleura Public Cloud. We don't utilize talking heads on camera; rather, we focus on textual and graphical information, and practical cloud labs with immediate learner feedback.

All our courses offer completely self-paced cloud training: we don't lock you into a course schedule or instructor-driven guidance. Rather, you can learn the fundamentals of open source cloud computing at your own pace, at your convenience. Usually, you'd spend an hour or two each day on a course, throughout a couple of weeks. But if you want to soak up knowledge and speed run through a cloud course in a day or two, you can do that too.

No, but we do offer free tutorials for specific use cases.
Paid course seats includes courseware and virtual lab environments – all-in-one through your browser. Free tutorials cover specific use cases in Cleura Cloud and only include the instructions. A Cleura Cloud account is required to follow along with the instructions.
The cloud training we offer is entrusted with our specialized and highly skilled educational team. This is a Cleura division consisting of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the technologies that our cloud training courses cover. All team members are open source community contributors who care about the value of open source software, and double as developers, systems operators, and tech writers.