OpenStack Magnum Training - Learn Practical Kubernetes with OpenStack Magnum

Container Orchestration with OpenStack Magnum is a self-paced OpenStack Magnum training course covering fundamental OpenStack Magnum knowledge. It enables you to deeply understand the basic ideas behind OpenStack Magnum and the general structure of the solution. Each topic includes lab exercises, where you will have to opportunity to apply your knowledge in a fully-featured distributed environment.
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Course Description

Our cloud training course combines a practical and theoretical approach to give you in-depth OpenStack Magnum training. Gain experience and learn to orchestrate and provision containers in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment.

Course objectives

Our Container orchestration with OpenStack Magnum course aims to equip learners with practical skills in using OpenStack Magnum for comprehensive infrastructure management and application deployment in a real cloud environment.

After completing our cloud training course, and hands-on labs, you will be able to:

  • understand the fundamental ideas of a microservices architecture,
  • know the fundamentals of containers and container orchestration,
  • understand the fundamentals of Kubernetes and container orchestration,
  • understand the specifics of OpenStack Magnum,
  • have used Kubernetes for container deployment, scaling, and high availability.

OpenStack Magnum training – dates and next sessions

We provide all our courses as monthly course runs to ensure quality control. A course seat purchase automatically invites you to the current course run regardless of when you make the purchase. The course content will remain available in your account, but access to labs expires on the 7th of the following month. Please plan your seat purchase to ensure that you have enough time to complete the course and labs before access to the labs expires.

Target audience

Our OpenStack Magnum Course targets professionals who possess a foundational to intermediate knowledge of cloud computing and infrastructure management. Having a background in OpenStack, an understanding of Kubernetes’ fundamental principles, and a general comprehension of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts will benefit participants in fully understanding the course material.

Course location

The OpenStack Magnum course material and labs are available, on demand, in your device via your favorite web browser.

OpenStack Magnum course – methods used


Our course material focuses on solid textual and graphical background information, and practical labs with immediate feedback. While conducting the cloud training labs in your browser, you will be able to check your work before moving on to the next step.

Hands-on labs

Hands-on learning is crucial for developing a robust skill set. Our hands-on labs are browser-based and require no prior setup. They allow you to immediately immerse yourself in the most effective environment for an enhanced learning experience.

Immediate feedback

After completing the lab instructions, you simply press a button to initiate an automated review. This process quickly informs you if your lab setup matches the expected outcome.

Our OpenStack Magnum course staff

Florian Haas

Drawing from a decade of experience in open source technology, Florian is among the most renowned OpenStack experts in the world. He has worked with customers of all sizes and markets, and is a frequent conference speaker.

Namrata Sitlani

Namrata is a Software Developer and Courseware Designer at Cleura. She has been actively contributing to OpenStack since 2016 and is a Core Reviewer of OpenStack Zun. She is an active speaker at OpenStack meetups and a mentor for events that spread awareness and encourage students to contribute to the OpenStack community.

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OpenStack Magnum Training - Learn Practical Kubernetes with OpenStack Magnum
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