OpenStack Heat Tutorial - Using OpenStack Heat to manage Cleura Cloud resources

A free tutorial teaching you how to use the Ansible dynamic inventory plugin for OpenStack, discover servers in a single Cleura Cloud tenant, and run Ansible ad hoc commands and playbooks against your servers.
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This free tutorial will teach you how to use OpenStack Heat to automatically spin up and manage Cleura Cloud resources.

OpenStack Heat tutorial – Description

You are about to get acquainted with OpenStack Heat and use it to automatically spin up a Cleura Cloud server, preconfigured to act as a full-blown Docker host.


All you need to go through this tutorial is internet access, a web browser, and a Cleura Cloud account.

Our OpenStack Heat tutorial covers a specific use case in Cleura Cloud. Access to the tutorial is free of charge, however we do not provide virtual lab environments. Instead, you follow along using your pre-existing Cleura Public Cloud account and any cloud resources that you create will be charged at our normal rates. If you are new to Cleura, you can utilize our free trial credit to run the tutorial.

Tutorial objectives

Upon completing this tutorial, you will:

    • know about templates and the resource types Heat supports
    • have a good understanding of stacks and the flexibility of Heat regarding resource creation
    • know how to use cloud-init in your templates, to automate tasks related to your cloud servers
    • be able to create and update stacks while building your cloud application

Our OpenStack Heat tutorial staff

Christos Varelas

Christos has multi-year experience in technical writing for tech and popular science magazines in Greece. He has also been the publisher of deltaHacker, a Greek monthly periodical on all things ethical hacking. After deltaHacker ran its course, he switched careers and delved into the world of Quality Assurance for software maintenance. Even though that adventure kept him busy much longer than he expected, his fondness for technical writing prevailed. Now, he is a proud (and happy) member of the documentation team at Cleura.


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OpenStack Heat Tutorial - Using OpenStack Heat to manage Cleura Cloud resources

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